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Turn 3D visual data into knowledge

AI-powered Real-Time 3D Video Analytics Platform

3D perception is changing the world

The voxel-based and point cloud 3D processing provides more accurate inference compared to 2D analytics that lacks depth or distance information. Datavia technology makes 3D processing feasible with its x1000 faster performance than conventional processing.

Accelerate your product roll-out

Deploy 3D analytics for your business today with your existing product and team resources. No need for low-level hardware programming, simply call our APIs to build your analytics workflows. Save a significant amount of time and money not to deal with low-level development details. Simply focus on your core business and target analytics.

Flexible to work on any architecture

Easily integrate With Datavia’s highly flexible architecture and algorithms. Our platform is compatible with various data sources (Stereo, ToF, Structured light cameras, and Lidars), runs in any location (edge, fog, and cloud), works with any hardware processor (FPGA, GPU, and Multi-Core).

Applications & Demos


Enhance quality and performance

  • Reduction of product waste
  • Detection of smaller contaminants more accurately
  • Increase in production complexity for higher product integrity

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Enhance accuracy and save time​

  • Rapid patient diagnosis
  • Minimize human error to detect difficult images
  • Telemedicine for remote video analysis

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Security & Surveillance

Increase efficiency and deliver results​

  • Real-time crime detection
  • Full automation of scene analysis
  • Combined camera/sensor feed for wide area coverage in public venues

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Thermal Vision

Increase efficiency and deliver results​

  • Protect healthcare workers and medical staff
  • Distribute the influx of patients over time to mitigate the sudden spike in demand for treatment
  • Monitor patients and the network of people they are exposed to

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